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Characteristics of Management – Principle of Management (POM)

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characteristics of managementPrinciple of Management (POM)
Characteristics of Management
Third Semester | Second Year
BSc.CSIT | Tribhuvan University

Characteristics of Management
Management may be defined as the process of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling to accomplish the predetermined objectives effectively through the coordinated use of human and material resources. Some of the characteristics of management are;

1. Management is Purposeful:
Management is concerned with achieving something specific expressed in terms of goals or objectives. These objectives give direction to management and they are used to measure the success of management.

2. Management is a distinct activity:
Management is different from the other activities and techniques that occur in an enterprise. It is concerned with getting work done through use of such special activities as planning, organizing, leading, directing, and controlling.

3. Management is accompanied by, with and through the efforts of people:
It is not possible for a manager to carry out all the activities all alone by himself/herself nor can he/she posses all the expertise and specialty skills needed to carry out varied activities that performed within an organization. In fact, the management aims at getting the work done by a group.

4. Management makes things happen:
A manager has to work with limited flexible resources and obvious unforeseen constraints. In order to accomplish the task successfully, managers focus their attention in making things happen.

5. Management is a social process:
Since managerial actions deal with the relations among people so management becomes a social process. People become members of an enterprise to satisfy their needs with the expectations that their gains will overweight the losses of members of group. Managers are to create a positive work environment in which people can simultaneously fulfill their needs as well as the needs of the organization.

6. Management is intangible:
Management force is invisible and its presence is evidenced in the form of adequate work output, informed decisions, high spirit of employees, and orderliness.

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