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Advantages, Benefits of Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

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benefits of oopAdvantages or Benefits of Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
Third Semester | Second year
BSc.CSIT | Tribhuvan University (TU)

Benefits / Advantages of Object Oriented Programming
Object Oriented Programming mainly give emphasis on data rather than function. Programs are divided into object and these object can communicate with each other to complete the program. In this Object oriented approach function and data are tied together in data structure. It follows bottom to top approach.Some of the benefits of object oriented programming are as follows;

  • As OOP is closer to the real world phenomena, hence it is easier to map real world problems onto a solution in OOP.
  • The objects in OOP have the state and behavior that is similar to the real world objects.
  • It is more suitable for large projects.
  • The projects executed using OOP techniques are more reliable.
  • It provides the bases for increased testability (automated testing) and hence higher quality.
  • Abstraction techniques are used to hide the unnecessary details and focus in only on the relevant part of the problems and solution.
  • Encapsulation helps in concentrating the structure as well as the behavior of various objects in OOP in a single enclosure.
  • The enclosure is also used to hide the information and to allow strictly controlled access to the structure as well as the behavior of the objects.
  • OOP divides the problems into collection of objects to provide services for solving a particular problem.
  • Object oriented systems are easier to upgrade/modify.
  • The concepts of object oriented programming also enhances the reusability of the code written.
  • Software complexity can be better managed.
  • The use of the concept of message passing for communication among the objects makes the interface description with external system much simpler.
  • The maintainability of the program or the software is increased manifold. If designed correctly, any tier of the application can be replaced by another provided.
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