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Classes of Information Systems:
Information system is an arrangement of people, data, processes, communications, and information technology, that interact to support and improve day-to-day operations in a business organization as well as support the problem solving and decision making needs of managements and users. Information system can be categorized into five systems and they are described as follows;

  • Transaction processing systems
    Transaction processing systems are information system applications that capture and process data about business transactions. It is computerized system that perform and record the daily routine transactions necessary to conduct the business. For example; Sales transaction, purchasing transaction, employee data etc.
  • Management information systems
    A management information system (MIS) is an information system application that provides for management-oriented reporting. These reports are usually generated on a predetermined schedule and appear in a prearranged format. MIS operates at the tactical level, for example Annual budgeting
  • Decision support systems
    A decision support system (DSS) is an information system application that provides its users with decision-oriented information whenever a decision-making situation arises. But when DSS is applied to executive managers, these systems are sometimes called executive information systems (EIS).
  • Expert systems
    An expert system is a programmed decision-making information system that captures and reproduces the knowledge and expertise of an expert problem solver or decision maker and then simulates the “thinking” or “actions” of that expert. Or, an expert system is a system that employs human knowledge captured in a computer to solve problems that ordinarily require human expertise.
  • Office automation systems
    Office automation (OA) systems support the wide range of business office activities that provide for improved work flow and communications between workers, regardless of whether or not those workers are located in the same office.
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