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Two types of products – Generic and Custom (Bespoke) products | Software Engineering

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generic and custom productsCustom(Bespoke) and Generic products – types of products,
Software Engineering Notes | Sixth Semester,
BSc.CSIT | Tribhuvan University (TU)

Bespoke and Generic Products
Software engineers are concerned with developing software products (i.e; software which can be sold to a customer). There are two kinds of software products and they are as follows;

Generic Products:
These are stand-alone systems that are produced by a development organization and sold on the open market to any customer who is able to buy them. (i.e. developed to be sold to a range of different customers). For example, software for PCs such as Databases, Office packages, Drawing Packages, project-management tools etc. Generally these type of products are designed for specific purpose such as library information systems, accounting systems, or systems for maintaining dental records. The organization that develops the software controls the software specification for this type of product.

Custom Products:
These are the systems which are commissioned by a particular customer. A software contractor develops the software especially for that customer. (i.e. developed for a single customer according to their specification). For example; Control system for electronic device, software to support particular business process and air traffic control systems. For custom products, the specification is usually developed and controlled by the organization that is buying the software.

More and more systems are now being built with a generic product as a base, which is then adapted to suit the requirements of a customer. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, such as the SAP system, are the best examples of this approach.

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