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System – Introduction and Its features | Software Engineering | BSc.CSIT 6th sem

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systemIntroduction of System and Its features,
Software Engineering Notes | Sixth Semester,
BSc.CSIT | Tribhuvan University (TU)

System is a purposeful collection of inter-related components working together towards some common objective. Or, it is an interrelated set of components, with an identifiable boundary, working together for some purpose.

System is briefly described as;

  • A system may include software, mechanical, electrical and electronic hardware and be operated by people.
  • System components are dependent on other system components
  • Every system interacts with the environment through exchange of information.
  • Every system must fit into its operating environment.
  • All Systems exhibit predictable behavior
  • All systems come in hierarchies. Therefore, system exists to maintain its higher level systems.

Characteristics of a System:

  • Components: An irreducible part or aggregation of parts that make up a system, also called sub-system.
  • Interrelated Components: Dependence of one subsystem on one or more subsystems.
  • Boundary: The line that marks the inside and outside of a system and that sets off the system from its environment.
  • Purpose: The overall goal or function of a system.
  • Environment: Everything external/internal to a system that interacts with the system.
  • Interfaces: Point of contact where a system meets its environment or where subsystems meet each other.
  • Input: Whatever a system takes from its environment in order to fulfill its purpose.
  • Output: Whatever a system returns to its environment in order to fulfill its purpose.
  • Constraints: A limit to what a system can accomplish.
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