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System Design Process | Phase of System Engineering Process | Software Engineering

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system design processSystem Design Process with block diagram,
Software Engineering Notes | Sixth Semester,
BSc.CSIT | Tribhuvan University (TU)

System Design Process
System design is a description of the structure of the software to be implemented, the data models and structures used by the system, the interfaces between the system components and sometimes, the algorithm used. Designers do not arrive at a finished design immediately but develop the design iteratively.

design process

Stages of design process are sequential and interleaved. Feedback from one stage to another and design rework is inevitable.

Design Inputs

  • Platform information:
    Designers must decide how best to integrate software with the software environment.
  • Requirement Specification:
    It is a description of the functionality, the software must provide and it’s performance and dependability requirements.
  • Data description:
    Data description must be an input to design process so that system data organization can be defined.

Design Activities

  • Architectural Design:
    It is where you identify the overall structure of the system, the principal components, their relationships and how they are distributed.
  • Interface Design:
    It is where you define interfaces between system components. With a precise interface, component can be used without other component having to know it is implemented. Once interface specification are agreed, components can be designed and developed concurrently.
  • Component Design:
    It is where you take each system component and design how it will operate. It may be a simple statement of expected functionality to be implemented, or a list of changes to be made to a reusable component or a detailed design model.
  • Database Design
    It is where you design the system data structures and how those are to be represented in a database. Work depends on existing database to be reused or new database to be created.

Design Output
For critical system, detailed design documents setting out precise and accurate description must be produced. For model-driven approach, output may be diagrams. For agile-methods, output may be represented in code of program.

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