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Real Time Command and Control System | Real Time System | BSc.CSIT | 6th Semester

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real time command and control systemReal Time Command and Control System,
Real Time System Notes | Sixth Semester,
BSc.CSIT | Tribhuvan University (TU)

Real time command and control system
The controller at the highest level of control hierarchy in a real time system is command and control system. It is a reference model architecture that defines the types of functions that are required in a real-time intelligent control system, and how these functions are related to each other. It prescribes a hierarchical control model based on a set of well-founded engineering principles to organize system complexity.

Air traffic control system monitors the aircraft in its coverage area and environment and generates and presents information needed by operators. Output from air traffic control system include assigned arrival times to metering fixes for individual aircraft, which are reference input to on-board flight management system. Thus air traffic control system indirectly controls the embedded components in low level of the control hierarchy.

Air traffic control system gathers information on the state of each aircraft via one or more active radars. Such a radar interrogates each aircraft periodically. When interrogated the aircraft respond by sending air traffic control system it’s state variable identifier, position, attitude, heading, which are referred collectively as track record. This information is picked up by the display processor. At the same time, a surveillance system continuously analyzes the scenario and alters operation whenever it detects any potential hazard. From this we can see that a command and control system bears resemblance with low-level controllers.

Command and control system compute and communicate in response to sporadic events and operators commands. It may process image and speech, update and query database, simulate various scenarios. Most of the timing requirements of control and command system are less stringent. Command and control system is often a largely distributed system containing 10s and 100s of computer and different kinds of network.

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