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Why programs developed using evolutionary development are difficult to maintain?

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programs developed using evolutionary developmentWhy programs developed using evolutionary
development are difficult to maintain?,
Software Engineering Notes | Sixth Semester,
BSc.CSIT | Tribhuvan University (TU)

Programs developed using evolutionary development are difficult to maintain!!
Software engineering is an evolutionary process where software is continually changed over it’s lifetime in response to changing requirement and customer needs. Changes made in the system is inevitable in all large software projects.

Software requirement change as the business processing the software responds to external pressures and implementation possibilities emerge. It is essential that software process model can adopt changes to software being developed. Change adds to the cost of software development because it usually means that work that has been completed has to be redone.

For example: Relationship between requirement in a system have been analysed and new requirement are then identified, some or all of the requirement analysis has to be repeated. It may be necessary to redesign the system to deliver the new requirement, change any programs that have been deployed and retest the system.

When system is produced using the evolutionary development model, features tend to be added without regard to an overriding design. With each modification, the software becomes increasingly disorganized. System maintenance is hampered by these problems as it is harder to identify the source of bug in poorly designed system.

Keeping the documentation up-to-date over successive ‘evolution’ is uncommon. Poor documentation also makes maintenance more difficult. The specification of evolutionary software development projects are often abstract and as the project continues, the development and validation portions of software engineering overlap one another. This results in system being poorly constructed due to a poor initial specification and on large projects makes it more difficult to integrate new system into the evolutionary design. Documentation for such project is lacking as designs are constantly rebuilt into customer specification.

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