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Explanation of different services provided by the Internet | Web Technologies

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services provided by internetServices provided by the Internet,
Web Technologies Notes| Sixth Semester,
BSc.CSIT | Tribhuvan University (TU)

Services provided by the Internet
Internet has been essential to living, working and easily communicating with people, whether in the next room or the other side of the world. Services offered by the internet allow people to become a part of a much bigger world. Some of them are:-

  • World Wide Web (WWW)
    WWW functions as part of the internet, accessible to users. Internet serves as a vast electronic communication network and the www makes navigation on internet easier by utilizing hypertext links and graphical user interfaces between different address on computers around the world.
    WWW uses the internet to provide communication, information and access to all sorts of digital services. The web is just one of the ways that information can be disseminated over the internet, so the web is just a portion of the internet.
  • Email
    Email is a protocol for sending, receiving and storing electronic messages. Email service on the internet handles around 247 billion emails every day.
  • Health information Access
    Internet access to health information may improve quality of care, provide 24 hour access to medical or health information and allow more efficient handling of specific health issues.
  • E-commerce
    The ability to do business without the usual constraints of time or distance makes e-commerce one of the most important services provided by the internet. With a single click of a mouse, online customers can purchase almost anything from the comfort of their own home. Doing business on the internet reduces the cost.
  • File Transfer Protocol
    It allows access to a computer on the internet, preview content on it’s hard disk, finding necessary files and copy its own disk.

Other services internet include:- IRC, Telnet, Video Conferencing, Social networking, Search engine, News Groups, Wikipedia, Web hosting.

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