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Why elicitation and analysis is difficult process in requirement engineering process

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Software Engineering Notes | Sixth Semester,
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Difficulties of requirement elicitation and analysis process
Requirement elicitation and analysis is one of main and difficult activities in requirement engineering process. In this phase, software engineers work with customers and system end-users to find out about the application domain, what services the system should provide, the required performance of system, hardware constraints, etc.

It is a difficult process due to following reasons;

  • Stakeholders often don’t know what they want from a computer system except in the most general terms. They may make unrealistic demands because they don’t know what is and isn’t feasible.
  • Stakeholders naturally express requirements in their own terms and with implicit knowledge of their own work. Requirement engineer without experience in customer’s domain may not understand requirements.
  • Different stakeholders have different requirement which may be expressed in different ways. Requirement engineer have to discover all potential sources of requirement and discover commonalities and conflict.
  • Political factors may influence the requirement of a system. Managers may demand specific system requirement because these will allow them to increase their influence in the organization.
  • The economic and business environment in which the analysis takes place is dynamic. It inevitably changes during the analysis process, the importance of particular requirement may change. New requirement may emerge from new stakeholders who were not originally consulted.
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