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Detail Explanation of Dynamic System and Static System | Real Time System

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Dynamic and Static SystemDynamic System and Static System,
Real Time System Notes | Sixth Semester,
BSc.CSIT | Tribhuvan University (TU)

Dynamic System and Static System
Dynamic Systems
Those multiprocessor systems where the jobs ready for execution are placed in a priority queue common to all processor and when a processor is available, the job at the head of the queue executes on the processor. It is dynamic because jobs are dynamically dispatched to processors. Preempted jobs are allowed to resume on any processor and hence jobs are migratable. A job migrates if it starts execution on a processor, is preempted and later resumes on a different processor.

Dynamic systems may be more responsive on average, their worst case real time performance may be poorer than static system.

Static System
Such a system where jobs are partitioned into subsystems and the subsystem are assigned and bound statically to the processor. Jobs move among processor only when the system must be reconfigured. These type of system is statically configured.

If jobs on different processor are dependent, the schedulers on the processors must synchronize the jobs according to some synchronization and resource access control protocol. Except for the constraints thus imposed, the jobs on each processor are scheduled themselves. Most hard real time system built today are static system.

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