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Detail explanation of Behavioural Specification – Software Engineering

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Behaviour specificationBehavioural Specification,
Software Engineering Notes | Sixth Semester,
BSc.CSIT | Tribhuvan University (TU)

Behavioural Specification
Any piece of software, coded in some programming language, implicitly specifies the behaviour which it will produce when run on a given computing system with a given set of input data. Behavioural specification are specification of the dynamic behaviour of the system as it is executing. They show what happens or what is supposed to happen when a system responds to a stimulus from it’s environment.
These stimuli are of two types and they are as follows;

  • Data: Some data arrives that has to be processed by the system.
  • Events: Some event happen that trigger system processing.

Many business systems are data processing systems that are primarily driven by data. They are controlled by the data input to the system with relatively little external event processing. Their processing involves a sequence of actions on that data and the generation of an output.
For example: A phone billing system will accept information about calls made by a customer, calculate cost of these calls, generate a bill to be sent to the customer.

Real time systems are often event driven with minimal data processing. We can have a example like; landline phone switching system responds to events such as ‘receiver off hook’ by generating a tone, or the pressing of keys on a handset by capturing phone number.

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