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Describe the significance of Laxity Type with the help of diagram | Real Time System

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laxity typeDetail Explanation of Laxity Type,
Real Time System Notes | Sixth Semester,
BSc.CSIT | Tribhuvan University (TU)

Laxity Type
Laxity type of a job indicates whether it’s timing constraints are hard or soft. Laxity type of a job is sometimes supplemented by a usefulness function which gives the usefulness of the result produced by the job as a function of it’s tardiness.

usefulness function
Here, the ones shown as solid step functions are usually associated with hard real time jobs. The usefulness of the result becomes zero or negative as soon as the job is tardy. It is better not to execute the job than to execute it and complete it late if tardiness is negative. Example: command to release a bomb is an example of job with this laxity type.

The dotted lines may be that of a point-of-sales transaction. If the job is late, the usefulness decreases gradually. Eventually it becomes zero.

The dashed lines shows a function decreases faster and becomes negative. Example: Stock price update translation.

We can use these usefulness functions to describe qualitatively the real time performance objectives of a system. They can guide the choice and implementation of scheduling strategies. However, their utility as the means to timing constraints is small, especially if the timing constraints are hard.

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