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Consumer Oriented E-Commerce Applications | Fundamentals of E-Commerce

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consumer oriented e-commerce applicationsConsumer Oriented E-Commerce Applications,
Fundamentals of E-commerce Notes | Sixth Semester,
BSc.CSIT | Tribhuvan University (TU)

Consumer Oriented E-Commerce Applications
1. Personal Finance and Home Banking Management:
The technology for paying bills, whether by computer or telephone is infinitely more sophisticated than any on the market a few years ago. The range of options has expanded to include PCs, interactive TV and even personal digital assistance (PDAs) and Smartphone. Customer’s interest in home banking has resumed, fueled by growing comfort – or at least familiarity – with electronics, by greater demands on consumer time and by the expanding needs for information to manage the increasing complexity of house hold.

  1. Basic Services: It is related to personal finance i.e. checking savings account statement around the clock, banking with ATM’s. bill payment, balancing cheque book status of payment or stock payment requested etc.
  2. Intermediate services: It includes a broader array of financial management services which include non-banking activities as well as banking activities such as household banking, tax return preparations etc.
  3. Advanced services: It includes stock and mutual funds brokerage or trading services such as currency trading and credit card or debit card management.

2. Home shopping:
One of the examples often sighted about e-commerce is home shopping which is widely used and had generated substantial revenue for many companies racing to develop on-line malls. The malls will enable a customer to enter an online store look at products, try on computerized clothes, and see a reflection in a digital mirror and purchase with overnight delivery against credit card billing. The exact operating method of these services has yet to be determined, but the retailers are well aware of the potential opened up by the ability to transmit huge amounts of digital information into home and to provide interactive control to the shopper.

  1. Television based shopping: TV shopping has evolved over years to provide a wide variety of goods ranging from clothing, small electronic house ware, and jewelry and computing devices.
  2. Catalog based shopping: The online catalog business consists of brochures, CD ROM catalogs and online interactive catalogs. Most online catalogs are some form of electronic brochure. Electronic brochures are multimedia replacement for direct mail, paper & brochures used in the business to business marketing. Basically electronic catalog contains highly interactive programs using still images, graphics, animation, sound, text & data. One of the disadvantages of this catalog is its prohibitive cost.

3. Home Entertainment:
It is another application area of E-commerce, the most important services provided under these are movies on demand, interactive games etc. The online gaming industry in turn parallels the TV industry where the customer is primarily interested in good quality programming & is not faithful to any one network.

In the entire home entertainment area, the key element is the notion of customer control under programming entertainment on demand as expected to give each viewer total control over what, when and where to watch.

In addition to game technology, we also witness the emerging services of entertainment support function such as on screen catalogues, TV guide that inform users what is on TV.

4. Micro Transaction of Information:
To serve the information needs of the consumer, service providers whose product is information delivered over the I-way are creating an entirely new industry. Most sell any form of digital information and can be sent down the network of one sort or another such as data, picture, images, sounds, computer programs and services. A few sell products such as music books, clothing etc through on-line catalogues.

One significant change in the traditional business forced by is online information. Business is the creation of new transaction catalogues called small fee transactions for micro services.

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