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Consumer to Business (C2B) E-commerce Model | Types of E-commerce

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C2BCustomer to Business (C2B) E-commerce type,
Fundamentals of E-commerce Notes | Sixth Semester,
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Consumer to Business (C2B) E-Commerce
The C2B model involves a transaction that is conducted between a consumer and a business organization. It is similar to the B2C model, however, the difference is that in this case the consumer is the seller and the business organization is the buyer. In this kind of a transaction, the consumers decide the price of a particular product rather than the supplier. This C2B business model defines consumers to create value and businesses consume that value. This category includes individuals who sell products and services to organizations. For example, is a Web site on which a consumer can post his bio-data for the services he can offer. Any business organization that is interested in deploying the services of the consumer can contact him and then employ him, if suitable.

C2B business model is also considered as a reverse auction or demand collection model, which enables buyers to name or demand their own price, which is often binding, for a specific goods or services. The auction site collects the demand bids then offers the bids to participating sellers.

C2B business model
Let us look at another example of the C2B model. William Ward needs to buy an airline ticket for his journey from New York to New Jersey. William needs to travel immediately. Therefore, he searches a Web site for a ticket. The Web site offers bidding facility to people who want to buy tickets immediately. On the Web site, William quotes the highest price and gets the ticket.

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