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Components of Information Superhighway (I-Way) | Fundamentals of E-Commerce

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components of information superhighway (I-Way)Components of Information Superhighway (I-Way),
Fundamentals of E-commerce Notes | Sixth Semester,
BSc.CSIT | Tribhuvan University (TU)

Components of I-Way
Three major components: consumer access equipment, local on-ramps and global information distribution networks that make up the I-way is shown in the figure below;

Components of I-Way

  1. Consumer Access Equipments
    Consumer access equipment is often ignored in discussions of the I-way but represents a critical category, the absence or slow progress of which is holding up other segment of the I-way. For instance, interactive TV is uncommon, not because of a lack of wiring but because of a lack of affordable equipment on the customer’s side for access and on the provider’s side for distribution.
    This segment includes hardware and software vendors who provide physical devices such as routers and switches and access device such as computer, set top box and software platforms such as browsers and Operating systems.
  2. Local Or Access Roads or On-RAMPS
    This Simplifies linkage between businesses, schools and homes to the communication backbone. These are often called the “last mile” in telecommunication industry. The providers of access ramps can be divided into 4 categories:

    • Telecom based
    • Cable TV based
    • Wireless based
    • Computer based Online Information Services

    These providers link users and E-commerce application providers where users research which service best suit their need and decide which service they want to access. A careful consideration should be made to the applications deployed or accessed, objectives and costs, and security as well as privacy.

  3. Global Information Distribution
    It represents the infrastructure crisis-crossing countries and continents. Most of the infrastructure for the I-way already exists in the vast network of fiber optic strands, coaxial cables, radio waves, satellites and copper wires spanning the globe. This backbone, put in place over the last three decades by the telephone and cable companies, includes such networks as long distance telephone lines, satellite networks and the internet.
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