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Architectural Design and Repository Model in Software Process | Software Engineering

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architectural designArchitectural Design and Repository Model in Software Process,
Software Engineering Notes | Sixth Semester,
BSc.CSIT | Tribhuvan University (TU)

Architectural Design
For building the specified software system, designing the software architecture is a key step. Any complex software is composed of sub a system that interacts under the control of system design such that the system provides the expected behavior. While designing a software system, the logical approach is to identify the sub system that should compose the system, the interface of these sub system and the rules for interaction between the subsystem.

The initial design process of identifying these sub system and establishing a framework for sub system is called architectural design. The output of this design process is the description of the software architecture. Architectural design is the first stage in the design process and represents the critical link between the design requirement engineering processes. The architectural design process is concerned with establishing a basic structural framework that identifies the measure component of the system and the communication between these components.

Architecture is a design of system which gives a very high level view of the parts of system and how they are related to form the whole system.

Three advantages of explicitly designing and documenting software architecture are;

  • Stake- holder communication
    The architecture is a high level presentation of the system that may be used as a reference for discussion with different range of stakeholders.
  • System Analysis
    Making the system architecture explicit at an easy stage in the software development requires some analysis. Architectural design decision has a profound effect on whether the system can meet critical requirements such performance, reliability and maintainability, security etc.
  • Reuse
    A system architectural model is a compact and manageable description of how a system is organized and how the component inter-operates. The component of the architectural design may be used in another software development process. The system architecture affects the performance robustness; distribute ability and maintainability of the system.

Repository Model
Subsystems making of a system must exchange information, so that they can work together effectively. There are two fundamental ways in which this can be done.

  • All shared data is held in a central database that can be accessed by all subsystems.
  • Each subsystem maintains its own database. Data is interchanged with other subsystem by passing massage to them.

This model is suitable to the application when data is gathered by one subsystem and used by another subsystem.

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