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database administration syllabusCourse Syllabus | BSc.CSIT
Database Administration
Seventh Semester | Fourth Year
Tribhuvan University (TU)

Course Title: Database Administration
Course no: CSC 406
Credit hours: 3
Full Marks: 60+20+20 | Pass Marks: 24+8+8
Natureof course: Theory (3 Hrs.) + Lab (3 Hrs.)
Course Synopsis: DBA Roles, DB backup, restoration and recovery, Tuning of database
Goal: The course covers about: principles of DBA Roles, DB backup, restoration and recovery, Tuning of database and overall DB administration which could be useful for administrator in the future.

Course contents:
Unit 1 [5 Hrs]
Introduction: DBMS architecture and data independence, DBA roles and responsibilities, SQL *PLUS Overview: SQL Plus Fundamentals, Producing more readable outputs, Accepting values at urntime, Using iSQL *Plus.

Unit 2 [5 Hrs]
Control and Redo Log Files: Managing the control files, Maintaining and monitoring redo log files.

Unit 3 [10 Hrs]
Managing Users and Security: Profiles, Managing users, managing privileges, managing roles, querying role information, Database Security and Auditing, Creating and managing DB’s , tables, indexes, triggers, views, stored procedures, Advanced Stored Procedures, analysis and integration services.

Unit 4 [10 Hrs]
Backup and Recovery Overview, Database backup, restoration and recovery, defining a backup and recovery strategy, Testing the backup and recovery plan, parallel instance recovery , recovering from non-critical loses

Unit 5 [5 Hrs]
Database corruption, automatic database management, automatic storage management, RMAN

Unit 6 [10 Hrs]
Introduction to performance tuning: brief overview of Tuning methodology, general tuning concepts, AADM (Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor) and SQL Tuning Advisor. Virtual Private Database: policy types, selective columns, column masking.

Laboratory works: labs should cover all the chapters using Oracle/SQL-Server or any other database
server tools.

Reference Books:
1. C.J. Date, Database Systems, Addison Wesley, 2000
2. Introduction to Database Administration, by O’reilly
3. ORACLE DBA handbooks

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