Web Technologies | BSc.CSIT (TU) Question Paper 2072 | Sixth Semester

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web technologies 2072Sixth Semester | Tribhuvan University (TU)
Old Question | Question Paper | Year: 2072,
Subject: Web Technologies,
Computer Science and Information Technology (CSc.353)

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Full Marks: 60 | Pass Marks: 24 | Time: 3 hours.
Candidates are required to give their answer in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Group ‘A’ (2 x 10 = 20)
Attempt any Two questions.

  1. Develop a simple website that stores its contents in a database and displays those contents from the database. Assume at least five different contents.
  2. Differentiate between HTTP and FTP. Discuss 3-tier technology with suitable example.
  3. What are elements and attributes of XML document? What is XML schema? Differentiate XML schema with DTD. Write a simple example of DTD.
    Group ‘B’ (8 x 5 = 40)
    Attempt any Eight questions.
  4. What is client/server technology? Discuss Internet as a client/server technology.
  5. Write an HTML code to display a simple form for user login.
  6. Write an HTML code to display the following:
    ID Name Address Age
  7. How can you insert inline style sheet in the HTML document? Discuss with example.
  8. Write an example of server-side script to update data in the database.
  9. Write a simple client-side script to set and retrieve cookies.
  10. Discuss the private external declaration of DTD with example.
  11. Discuss the importance of session.
  12. Discuss anti-overload techniques in web server.
  13. Write short notes on:
    a) X Query
    b) Tag libraries
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