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Introduction to Management | BSc.CSIT (TU) Question Paper 2071 | Third Semester

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ITM 2071Third Semester | Second Year | Tribhuvan University
Old Question Collection | Question Bank
Introduction to Management, Year: 2071
Computer Science and Information Technology (MGT 205)
Full Marks: 60 | Pass Marks: 24 | Time: 3 hours

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Candidates are required to give their answer in their own words as far as practicable.
The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Group A (1×10=10)

  1. Write specific answers to the following questions:
    a. Write four principles of management.
    b. Pont out the four characteristics of the contingency theory.
    c. Define business environment.
    d. What is planning? List out four types of plan.
    e. What do you understand by individual and group decision making?
    f. Define human resource management and list out the components of human resource management.
    g. Point out the four factors of hygiene factors of Herzberg’s hygiene Theory.
    h. Mention about conflict resolution.
    i. What is management information system?
    j. Write full form of CSR, QC, SWOT and CPM.
    Group B (2×12=24)
    Answer any two questions, but question no. 4 is compulsory.
  2. What is decision making? What process would you commonly follow for making organizational decision? Explain.
  3. Define organization. Explain about line organization and line and staff organization structure.
  4. Read the case given below carefully & answer the question:
    Vinay was appointed four months ago as the manager of the research and development department of frontline engineering company. The vice president of the company who took the decision, strongly believed that R and D department would use with advantage the expertise of the person who was experienced in production problems. Vinay had been a production supervisor and had an excellent reputation for getting the jobs done. He was quite systematic in his working and was known for his ability to solve problems prior to their reaching the higher authorities. The main emphasis of the department was to conduct practical research for the purpose of developing marketable products. Top management believed that Vinay would do well in this assignment in view of his sound production background.
    Vinay could never believe how unorganized the researchers could be. They would come to work at 10.00 AM and leave at 3.00 PM. He did not realize tat many of them worked till last at night. Three employees were all dedicated researchers and professional in their won right. According to them, it was not necessary that a task had to be defined in detail for the job to be executed efficiently.
    Vinay felt that these conditions were not conducive to maximize productivity. He had learnt on the production line that efficiency was the direct result of the organization and structure of tasks. If it worked in one situation it would work in another. To start with, Vinay installed a time click. He believed that punctuality of the staff and their presence during the working hour of the day waspre requisite for success. The researchers in the R and D department expressed disbelief in the decision. Prior to Vinay becoming the manger most of the researchers were recognized as being quit productive. Many of there actually kidded to work kon Saturday evenings, because the activity leavel of the plant was lower, and they could concentrate better. Without realizing this Vinay was actually telling the members to reduce their work per unit of production by one-fourth.
    On arrival for work on the following Monday, Vinay was pleased to see that all the researchers clocked in at the right time. They stayed at their desk throughout the day, and left promptly at 5.00 PM. He hoped that everything was going to be great. The employees has accepted him as their supervisor. The expectations turned out to be short-lived. People throughout the company began calling on his asking why their particular project was not finished. When be checked with the persons concerned, he found that they had been working on it but did not have the time to complete it. This was o in almost all cases.
    Vinay came to the conclusion that the researchers were negligent and therefore, issues numerous letters requiring explanation. In the meanwhile, several employees resigned to deteriorate, and on useful work was being conducted in the department. When the Vice-President finally asked Vinay what was causing this inefficiency, he responded, ”they were all a bunch of super-ego people but he would bring them to book”. The Vice president was not sure that this was the problem. He seeks you advice.
    1. What considerations did the management have on mind while appointing Vinay as the Manager of the Research and Development Department?
    2. How would you describe the leadership style of Vinay? How appropriate was this style to the management of the Research and Development Department?
    3. What style of leadership can be regarded to be the most effective in a group of researchers?
    4. If you were the Vice-President of Front Line Engineering Company, what action would you take to improve the situation?
    Group C (6×6=36)
    Attempt any six questions:
  5. What are the basic function of management?
  6. Define scientific management. What are the major contributions made by F.W. Taylor, the father of scientific management?
  7. Identify the areas of corporate social responsibility.
  8. Discuss the types of planning.
  9. Mention the major components of human resource management.
  10. What is leadership? Explain the styles of leadership.
  11. Explain the meaning and types of communication.
  12. What is control? State the characteristics of effective control system.
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