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Think rationally: The laws of thought approach | Cognitive Science and AI

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The laws of thought approachThink rationally: The laws of thought approach
Fourth and Fifth Semester | Tribhuvan University (TU)
Subject: Cognitive Science and AI | BSc.CSIT

Think rationally: The laws of thought approach
Aristotal was one of the first who attempt to codify the right thinking that is irrefutable reasoning process. He gave Syllogisms that always yielded correct conclusion when correct premises are given.

For example:
Ram is a man
All men are mortal
 Ram is mortal

These law of thought were supposed to govern the operation of mind: This study initiated the field of logic. The logicist tradition in AI hopes to create intelligent systems using logic programming. However there are two obstacles to this approach. First, It is not easy to take informal knowledge and state in the formal terms required by logical notation, particularly when knowledge is not 100% certain. Second, solving problem principally is different from doing it in practice. Even problems with certain dozens of fact may exhaust the computational resources of any computer unless it has some guidance as which reasoning step to try first.

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