System Analysis and Design Tools | Fourth Semester | BSc.CSIT (TU)

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System analysis and design toolsExplanation of System Analysis and Design Tools | BSc.CSIT
Fourth Semester | Second Year | Tribhuvan University (TU)
Subject: System Analysis and Design (SAD)

System Analysis and Design Tools
System analysis and design tools, also known as CASE (Computer Aided software engineering) tools. It is a software that provide automated support for some portion of system development. CASE tools are the software programs that help the development team do their jobs more efficiently and more effectively. These tools support the drawing and study of system models. Some CASE tools also provide prototyping and code generation capabilities.It is used to support wide variety of Software Development Life Cycle activities. This tool helps us in project identification and selection project initiation and planning analysis, design, implementation and maintenance. It could easily manage larger, more complex projects and to seamless by integrating data across various tools and products.


  • Diagramming tools enable system process, data and control structures to be represented graphically.
  • Computer display and report generators helps prototype :- It describe how system looks and feeds and make it easier for identifying data requirement and relationships.
  • Analysis tools check for incomplete, inconsistent or incorrect specification in diagram, forms and reports.
  • Central repository enables integrated storage of specification, diagram, reports and project management information.
  • Documentation generators produce technical and user documentation in standard format.
  • Code generators enable the automatic generation of program and database definition code directly from design document, diagram, forms and reports.

It helps programmers and analyst do their job more efficiently and effectively by automating routine tasks.

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