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Penrose Response to Descartes | Cognitive Science & AI | BSc.CSIT | 4th and 5th Semester

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Penrose response to DescartesPenrose Response to Descartes
Subject: Cognitive Science And AI | BSc.CSIT (TU)
Fourth And Fifth Semester | Tribhuvan University

Penrose Response to Descartes
Roger Penrose has a picture of mind and matter that is not just a relation between logical and physical, but involves three worlds: Platonic, mathematical and physical. In his more recent The Road to Reality, Roger Penrose leaves aside the question of computability in physics, and gets down to the core of physics itself. Once you are past the first thousand pages you can read about his own vision of what it should be like: twistor theory.

Penrose response to Descartes

Additionally, Roger Penrose has proposed the idea that the human mind does not use a knowably sound calculation procedure to understand and discover mathematical intricacies. This would mean that a normal Turing complete computer would not be able to ascertain certain mathematical truths that human minds can.

Penrose presents the argument that human consciousness is non-algorithmic, and thus is not capable of being modeled by a conventional Turing machine-type of digital computer. Penrose hypothesizes that quantum mechanics plays an essential role in the understanding of human consciousness. The collapse of the quantum wavefunction is seen as playing an important role in brain function.

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