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Parsing : Basic Parsing Techniques | Cognitive Science | BSc.CSIT (TU) | Fourth Semester

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parsingBasic Parsing Techniques
Fourth Semester | Tribhuvan University (TU)
Subject: Cognitive Science | BSc.CSIT

Basic Parsing Techniques
Before the meaning of a sentence can be determined, the meanings of its constituent parts must be established. This requires knowledge of the structure of the sentence, the meaning of the individual words and how the words modify each other. The process of determining the syntactical structure of a sentence is known as parsing. Parsing is the process of analyzing a sentence by taking it apart word – by – word and determining its structure from its constituent parts and sub parts. The structure of a sentence can be represented with a syntactic tree. When given an input string, the lexical parts or terms (root words), must first be identified by type and then the role they play in a sentence must be determined. These parts can be combined successively into larger units until a complete tree has been computed.

basic parsing technique

Where N = Noun
V = Verb
DT = Determiner
NP = Noun Phrases
VP = Verb Phrases
S = Sentenses

To determine the meaning of a word, a parser must have access to a lexicon. When the parser selects the word from the input stream, it locates the world in the lexicon and obtains the word’s possible functions and features, including the semantic information.

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