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Levels of knowledge used in Language Understanding | Cognitive Science | AI

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levels of knowledge in language understandingLevels of knowledge used in Language Understanding
Subject: Cognitive Science And AI | BSc.CSIT (TU)
Fourth Semester | Tribhuvan University

Levels of knowledge used in Language Understanding
A language understanding knowledge must have considerable knowledge about the structures of the language including what the words are and how they combine into phrases and sentences. It must also know the meanings of the words and how they contribute to the meanings of the sentence and to the context within which they are being used. The component forms of knowledge needed for an understanding of natural languages are sometimes classified according to the following levels.

  • Phonological :- Relates sound to the words we recognize. A phoneme is the smallest unit of the sound. Phones are aggregated to the words.
  • Morphological :- This is lexical knowledge which relates to the word construction from basic units called morphemes. A morpheme is the smallest unit of meaning. Eg:- friend + ly = friendly
  • Syntactic :- This knowledge relates to how words are put together or structure red together to form grammatically correct sentences in the language.
  • Semantic :- This knowledge is concerned with the meanings of words and phrases and how they combine to form sentence meaning.
  • Pragmatic :- This is high – level knowledge which relates to the use of sentences in different contexts and how the context affects the meaning of the sentence.
  • World :- Includes the knowledge of the physical world, the world of human social interaction, and the roles of goals and intentions in communication.
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