Explanation of Data Dictionaries with example | Fourth Semester | BSc.CSIT(TU)

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about data dictionaryExplain the Data Dictionaries with example | BSc.CSIT
Fourth Semester | Second Year | Tribhuvan University (TU)
Subject: System Analysis and Design (SAD)

Data Dictionaries
It is a part of CASE tool where analyst define or look up information about entities, attributes and relationships on the E-R diagram. The information in the data dictionary is called meta-data which is quite simply the data about data. Metadata is anything that describes an entity, attribute or relationship such as entity names, attribute descriptions, and relationship cardinality and it is captured to help designer better understand the system they are building and help user better understand the system they will use. Metadata is stored in data dictionary so they can be shared and accessed by developers and users throughout Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

A data dictionary allows to record the standard pieces of information about our elements in one place and makes that information accessible to many parts of project. For example; data attributes in a data model also appear in a process model as elements of data stores and flows and on user interface (UI) as fields on input screen. When making change in data dictionaries, change ripples to the relevant parts of the project that are affected. When meta data is complete, clear and shareable, the information can be used to integrate the different pieces of analysis phase and ultimately lead to a much better design. Metadata becomes much more detailed as project evolves through time.

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