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Expert Systems | Cognitive Science and AI | BSc.CSIT | Fourth and Fifth Semester

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expert systemsExpert Systems with block diagram | Fourth and Fifth Semester
Second Year | Tribhuvan University (TU)
Subject: Cognitive Science and AI | BSc.CSIT

Expert Systems
An Expert system is a set of program that manipulates encoded knowledge to solve problem in a specialized domain that normally requires human expertise. A computer system that simulates the decision- making process of a human expert in a specific domain.

An expert system’s knowledge is obtained from expert sources and coded in a form suitable for the system to use in its inference or reasoning processes. The expert knowledge must be obtained from specialists or other sources of expertise, such as texts, journals, articles and data bases.

An expert system is an “intelligent” program that solves problems in a narrow problem area by using high-quality, specific knowledge rather than an algorithm.

Block diagram of Expert Systems
There is currently no such thing as “standard” expert system. Because a variety of techniques are used to create expert systems, they differ as widely as the programmers who develop them and the problems they are designed to solve. However, the principal components of most expert systems are knowledge base, an inference engine, and a user interface, as illustrated in the figure.

block diagram of Expert Systems

  1. Knowledge Base (click the link to read in detail)
  2. Inference Engine
  3. User Interface

Beside these three components, there is a Working Memory – a data structure which stores information about a specific run. It holds current facts and knowledge.

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