Detail Explanation of Random Scan Display System with it’s block diagram.

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random scan display systemRandom Scan Display System with block diagram | BSc.CSIT
Fourth Semester | Second Year | Tribhuvan University (TU)
Subject: Computer Graphics (CG)

Random Scan Display System
It is the display system where, the electron beam is directed only to the part of the screen where the picture is to be drawn rather than scanning from left to right and top to bottom as in raster scan. It doesn’t use pixmap for refreshing the display. Display processor has no local memory for scan conversion algorithm.

block diagram of random scan display systemScan conversion functionality is implemented using programmed logic array or microcode in this display system. Random scan display processor is called display processing unit (DPU)/Graphics controller. DPU has instruction set and instruction address register and guess through the classic instruction fetch, decode, execute cycle found in any computer. It must execute program 30 to 60 times per second in order to draw all the component lines of a picture. Program executed by DPU is in main memory which is shared by the general CPU and DPU. Application program and graphics subroutine package reside in main memory and execute on general CPU. Graphics package creates a display program of DPU instruction and tells the DPU where to start the program. DPU then asynchronously executes the display program until told to stop. Jump instruction transfers control back to start so display continues to be refreshed without CPU intervention.

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