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Open System/Close System and System Environment | Components of System | BSc.CSIT

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system environmentOpen System/Close System and System Environment
Simulation and Modeling Reference Notes
Fifth Semester | Third year
BSc.CSIT | Tribhuvan University (TU)

Open System/Close System
A system with exogenous activities is considered as open system and a system with strict endogenous activities is called a closed system

System Environment
The external components which interact with the system and produce necessary changes are said to constitute the system environment. In modeling systems, it is necessary to decide on the boundary between the system and its environment. This decision may depend on the purpose of the study.

Example: In a factory system, the factors controlling arrival of orders may be considered to be outside the factory but yet a part of the system environment. When, we consider the demand and supply of goods, there is certainly a relationship between the factory output and arrival of orders. This relationship is considered as an activity of the system.

Endogenous System
The term endogenous is used to describe activities and events occurring within a system.
Example: Drawing cash in a bank.

Exogenous System
The term exogenous is used to describe activities and events in the environment that affect the system. Example: Arrival of customers.

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