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Entity, attribute and activities | Components of System | BSc.CSIT Fifth Semester

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entityEntity, attribute and activities
Simulation and Modeling Reference Notes
Fifth Semester | Third year
BSc.CSIT | Tribhuvan University (TU)

Entity, attribute and activities
An entity represents an object that requires explicit definition. An entity can be dynamic in that it moves through the system, or it can be static in that it serves other entities. In the example, the customer is a dynamic entity, whereas the bank teller is a static entity. An entity may have attributes that pertain to that entity alone. Thus, attributes should be considered as local values. In the example, an attribute of the entity could be the time of arrival. Attributes of interest in one investigation may not be of interest in another investigation. Thus, if red parts and blue parts are being manufactured, the color could be an attribute. Processes that cause system changes are called activities or events.

In the bank example, events/activites include the arrival of a customer for service at the bank, the beginning of service for a customer, and the completion of a service. There are both internal and external events, also called endogenous and exogenous events, respectively. For example;

System Entities Attributes Activities
Bank Customer Balance Depositing, Arrival of customer, …
Traffic Car, Bus, Pedestrian.. Speed, model Driving, walking
Supermarket Customers Shopping list Checking out, …

For instance, an endogenous event in the example is the beginning of service of the customer since that is within the system being simulated. An exogenous event is the arrival of a customer for service since that occurrence is outside of the simulation.

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