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Difference between Inference and Reasoning | Artificial Intelligence | BSc.CSIT | 5th Sem

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difference between inference and reasoningDifference between Inference and Reasoning
Artificial Intelligence Reference Notes
Fifth Semester | Third year
BSc.CSIT | Tribhuvan University (TU)

The difference between inference and reasoning are as follows;

Inference Reasoning
Inference can be defined in general term, representing derivation of new knowledge from existing knowledge and axioms within a single step. Reasoning can be defined in a context of a goal and is carried out via search process involving multiple inferences.
It is a set of rules for generating new sentences that are necessarily true given that the old sentences are true. Reasoning arise question that ‘what conclusion is valid in what situation?’.
For example; Modus tollens is a rule of inference which derives new knowledge. For example; In deciding whether a propositional formula is satisfiable or not, choices have to be made.
It is a single step of deductive chain A mental process of logic in deduction.
It can derive conclusion from premises even if it’s not properly deductive It can derive conclusion by exploring multiple pathways skipping steps and using our intuition.


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