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Physics Entrance Model Questions | Set IV | B.Sc.CSIT | TU

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physics paper set ivEntrance Preparation Paper | B.Sc.CSIT
Physics Practice Questions with answers
Tribhuvan University (TU)

Practice Physics portion of TU Entrance model questions. Answer is provided for every questions, so that you can evaluate yourself for preparation.

  1. The dimension (M1L2T-2) refers to a physical quantity that has unit:
    a) Joule               b) Pascal                c) Newton                 d) Watt
    Answer: d
  2. Which of the following is not a vector quantity
    a) Angular momentum         b) Magnetic intensity         c) Torque         d) Energy
    Answer: a
  3. Whatever may be the direction of the two forces 6N and 2N acting on a body of mass 2Kg,the minimum acceleration of the body cannot be less than
    a) 4m/s2                  b) 2m/s2               c) 2.5m/s2             d) 3m/s2
    Answer: b
  4. A body is moved through certain distance from rest under constant force. Then K.E. gained by the body is
    a) Directly proportional to its mass                                     b) Inversely proportional to its mass
    c) Directly proportional to square root of mass                d) Independent of its mass
    Answer: d
  5. A particle moves in a circle of radius 25cm at 2 rev/sec, the acceleration of the particle in m/s2 is
    a) л2               b) 4л2               c) 2л2                d) 8л2
    Answer: a
  6. The absolute zero temperature is
    a) -273°C               b) -273K            c) -273.14°C           d) -273.16°C
    Answer: d
  7. Melting point of ice
    a) Decrease with the decrease of pressure                 b) Increase with the increase of pressure
    c) Is independent of pressure                                       d) Decrease with the increase of pressure
    Answer: d
  8. All gas at same temperature have same
    a) K.E              b) Density             c) RMS speed            d) None of the above
    Answer: d
  9. The rate of loss of heat from a body depends on the
    a) Temperature of the body                          b) Excess temperature of body over the surrounding
    c) Thermal capacity of the body                   d) The temperature of the surrounding
    Answer: b
  10. The energy of molecular motion is expressed as:
    a) Friction            b) Internal energy              c) Temperature             d) Potential energy
    Answer: b
  11. The velocity of sound in air is independent of change in
    a) Pressure              b) Density            c) Temperature           d) Humidity
    Answer: c
  12. Sound waves having the following frequencies are audible to human beings
    a) 5c/s               b) 27000c/s            c) 5000c/s            d) 50,000c/s
    Answer: c
  13. When a mirror is rotated through an angle 30°keeping incident ray constant then reflected ray is rotated through an angle
    a) 25°            b) 60°           c) 45°           d) 90°
    Answer: b
  14. When light passes through glass slab
    a) Wavelength decreases                                      b) Wavelength increases
    c) Velocity increases                                              d) Frequency decreases
    Answer: a
  15. In an interference pattern minima are obtained when phase difference between interfering waves is
    a) π/2                 b) 2π               c) nπ/2             d) (2n-1)π
    Answer: d
  16. X-rays are produced by energy changes in
    a) Electrons close to the nucleus                            b) Electrons far from the nucleus
    c) Electrons and protons                                         d) The nucleus
    Answer: d
  17. When a woolen sweater worm over a nylon shirt is removed. Sparking is observed due to
    a) Static electricity           b) Current electricity            c) None            d) Both
    Answer: b
  18. The potential difference between the two charged parallel plates separated by 1mm is 100V, then the electric field produced is
    a) 10-5 V/m             b) 10V/m               c) 10V/m              d) 10-3 V/m
    Answer: b
  19. The dielectric constant ∈r is given by the relation
    a) ∈r = ∈.∈o              b) ∈r = √(∈.∈o )              c) ∈r = ∈/∈o                 d) None
    Answer: c
  20. In a parallel plate capacitor force on each plate is
    a) q2o                b) q2/Aεo             c) q2/2Aεo             d) Zero
    Answer: c
  21. If the power of a heater is 1W and 1A of current is passed through it. Then find the resistance
    a) 4.2Ω             b) 4200Ω           c) 1Ω          d) 0.1Ω
    Answer: c
  22. Wheatstone measures
    a) Potential            b) emf             c) Resistance            d) Current
    Answer: c
  23. S.I. unit equivalent to the magnetic field Tesla(T) may be
    a) Vsm2                b) Vsm-2                 c) Vs-1m2                d) Vs-1m-2
    Answer: b
  24. Which of the following is used in the core of an electromagnet
    a) Soft magnet            b) Soft steel             c) Soft aluminum           d) Soft zinc
    Answer: b
  25. A magnet is moved towards a coil through a certain distance slowly in one case and quickly in second case. The emf induced is
    a) More in first case         b) More in second case        c) Equal in both cases      d) Zero in both case
    Answer: b
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