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Physics Entrance Model Questions | Set III | B.Sc.CSIT | TU

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physics paper set IIIEntrance Preparation Paper | B.Sc.CSIT
Physics Practice Questions with answers
Tribhuvan University (TU)

Practice Physics portion of TU Entrance model questions. Answer is provided for every questions, so that you can evaluate yourself for preparation.

  1. A train 110m length travel at 60 km/hr. The time in which a man walking at 6 km/hr in opposite direction pass the train is
    a) 6.6 sec            b) 66 sec            c) 6 sec           d) 5.4 sec
    Answer: c
  2. The maximum velocity of a car in level road of radius 80m in which car move without skidding if coefficient of friction is 0.25 is
    a) 10 m/s                b) 8 m/s              c) 12 m/s            d) 14 m/s
    Answer: d
  3. A fly wheel of mass 25 kg has a radius of 0.2m.It is making 240 rpm. The torque required to stop in rest in 20 sec is
    a) 314 Nm               b) 0.628 Nm             c) 0.314 Nm             d) 1.26 Nm
    Answer: b
  4. A cube is subjected to a pressure of 5*105 N/m2. Each side of the cube is shortened by 1% the bulk modulus of cube
    a) 8.3*106 N/m2                 b) 1.67*107 N/m2                c) 3.32*107 N/m2              d) 6.4*107 N/m2
    Answer: b
  5. A spherical liquid drop of radius R is divided into 8 equal droplets. It surface tension is T then work done in the process will be
    a) 2πR2T                b) 3πR2T                  c) 4πR2T               d) 2πRT2
    Answer: c
  6. An oxygen cylinder of volume 30 litres has an initial pressure 15 atmosphere and a temperature of 27°C. Some gas is withdrawn from the cylinder and pressure drops to 11 atmosphere at 17°C. The mass of gas withdrawn is
    a) 453.1 g                b) 584.1 g                  c) 141 g               d) 282 g
    Answer: c
  7. An ideal heat engine operates in Carnot cycle between 227°C and 127°C. It absorbs 104 Joule of heat from a higher temperature. The amount of heat converted into work is
    a) 2000 Joule                b) 4000 Joule                c) 8000 Joule             d) 5600 Joule
    Answer: a
  8. Air column in resonance air column experiment of 100cm & 101 cm give 17 beats in 20 sec. The velocity of sound is
    a) 320 m/s                  b) 332 m/s                  c) 343 m/s                 d) 360 m/s
    Answer: c
  9. Two wires of same material are stretched with the same force their diameters are 1.2mm & 1.6mm respectively. The frequency of first is 256 then frequency of 2nd is
    a) 244 Hz                     b) 288 Hz                  c) 312 Hz                     d) 344 Hz
    Answer: b
  10. Two charges of 15µC & 9 µC are at 18cm apart. The work done to bring them 3cm closer is
    a) 0.625 Joule             b) 1.35 Joule             c) 2.7 Joule                d) 4.05 Joule
    Answer: b
  11. An air filled parallel plate capacitor of capacitance 12 µC is charged by 1200V. The minimum area of capacitor for dielectric strength 3*109 V/m is
    a) 0.54 m2                          b) 0.9 m2                       c) 1.35 m2                 d) 1.8 m2
    Answer: d
  12. A parallel combination of three resistors take a current of 7.5A from a 30V. The two resistors of 10Ω & 12Ω then 3rd resistor is
    a) 14 Ω                 b) 15 Ω                    c) 20 Ω                         d) 30 Ω
    Answer: b
  13. The self-inductance of air core solenoid increases from 0.04mH to 16mH on introducing an iron core into it. The relative permeability of the core is
    a) 150                   b) 20                      c) 400                d) 800
    Answer: c
  14. In an AC circuit the current is I=5sin(100t-π/2)A and potential is V=200sin(100t)volt then power consumed is
    a) 20 W               b) 40 W                 c) 100 W            d) 0 W
    Answer: d
  15. A needle placed 45cm from a lens forms an image on a screen placed 90cm on the other side of lens. The size of image of object 5cm is
    a) 5 cm               b) 10 cm             c) 15 cm                 d) 20 cm
    Answer: b
  16. In Young’s double slit experiment two coherent sources are placed at 0.9mm apart and the fringes are observed one metre away. The second dark fringe is produced 1mm from the central fringe. The wavelength of light used is
    a) 60*10-4 m                  b) 10*10-4 cm                c) 10*10-5 cm              d) 6*10-5 cm
    Answer: d
  17. The wavelength of electron wave of energy 50ev is
    a) 1.73A°                   b) 3.46A°                  c) 5.19A°                    d) 6.92A°
    Answer: a
  18. A piece of metal is illuminated by monochromatic light of wavelength λ then stopping potential for photo electric current is 2.5 Vo. When same surface is illuminated by light of wavelength 1.5λ then stopping potential is Vo. The threshold wavelength is
    a) 1.5 λ               b) 2 λ              c) 2.25 λ               d) 4 λ
    Answer: c
  19. The frequency of electron in 2nd Bohr’s orbit of radius 2.12 A° is
    a) 8.2*1013 Hz            b) 8.2*1014 Hz           c) 8.2*1015 Hz           d) 8.2*1016 Hz
    Answer: b
  20. Half -life of two radioactive substances A & B are 20 minutes & 40 minutes respectively. The same and equal numbers of atoms initially are taken then ratio of no of atoms left after 80 minutes is
    a) 1:16                    b) 4:1                   c) 1:4                         d) 1:1
    Answer: c
  21. If K.E. of a body become twice its initial value, then new momentum of the body will be
    a) 2 times             b) √2 times           c) 4 times                  d) remains unchanged
    Answer: c
  22. When water is heated from 0°C to 10°C, its volume
    a) increases             b) decreases               c) doesn’t change          d) first decreases then increases
    Answer: a
  23. Acceleration at highest point when a ball is projected is
    a) zero            b) upwards               c) downwards           d) none
    Answer: c
  24. Coefficient of thermal conductivity of metal depends on
    a) temperature difference      b) thickness of metal      c) area of metal plate     d) none of the above
    Answer: d
  25. If the number of turn in a coil is doubled then its self-inductance will become
    a) double               b) halved               c) four times                d) remains unchanged
    Answer: c
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