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Physics Entrance Model Questions | Set I | BSc.CSIT | TU

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physics paper set1Entrance Preparation Paper | BSc.CSIT
Physics Practice Questions with answers
Tribhuvan University (TU)

Practice Physics portion of TU Entrance model questions. Answer is provided for every questions, so that you can evaluate yourself for preparation.

  1. The dimension of universal constant is
    (a) L2T-2K-1     (b) M-2L3T-2      (c) M-1L3T-2      (d) MT-3K-4
    Answer: c
  2. 1/nth part of a uniform chain of length L is hanging on a table,what is the work done in pulling up the chain?
    (a) mgL/2n2 in vertical direction     (b) 2L/n in vertical direction     (c) mgL2/n2     (d) 2mgL2/n
    Answer: a
  3. A force of 20N is acting on a block of mass 5 kg at time 5 sec. Determine the velocity.
    (a) 0.028 m/s2      (b) 0.28 m/s2      (c) 0.0028 m/s2      (d) 2.08 m/s2
    Answer: b
  4. If radius of earth is reduced,
    (a) tide duration reduced                                      (b) earth rotates slower
    (c) time period of earth decreased                      (d) duration of day increases
    Answer: c
  5. Zener diode acts as
    (a) Voltage regulator in reverse biasing              (b) Voltage regulator in forward biasing
    (c) Current regulator in forward biasing             (d) Current regulator in reverse biasing
    Answer: a
  6. If total energy of satellite is E,What is new escape velocity?
    (a) 2E         (b) -2E         (c) E         (d) -E
    Answer: a
  7. What is e/m ratio of electron?
    (a) 2.76×1013      (b) 2.76×1010      (c) 1.76×1010      (d) 1.76×1011
    Answer: d
  8. At what temperature iron becomes paramagnetic?
    (a) 200°C       (b) 400°C       (c) 600°C       (d) 800°C
    Answer: d
  9. Sparking of diamond is because of
    (a) total internal reflection       (b) refraction      (c) diffraction      (d) scattering
    Answer: a
  10. Pressure variation in mechanical wave depends upon as
    (a) α intensity       (b) independent of intent of intensity     (c) α I       (d) none of these
    Answer: a
  11. When reflection of lights occurs then its
    (a) velocity remains constant                             (b) wavelength remains constant
    (c) frequency remains constant                          (d) all of above
    Answer: d
  12. When a convergent beam of light is incident on a plane mirror,the image formed is
    (a) up right and real        (b) up right and virtual      (c) inverted and real      (d) inverted and virtual
    Answer: a
  13. Which of the following cannot produce virtual image?
    (a) plane mirror        (b) convex mirror      (c) concave mirror      (d) all of these
    Answer: d
  14. In case of concave mirror, the minimum distance between a real object and its real image is:
    (a) f       (b) 2f       (c) uf      (d) zero
    Answer: d
  15. Which mirror is used for shaving?
    (a) concave mirror      (b) convex mirror      (c) concave cylindrical mirror      (d) none of these
    Answer: a
  16. The angle of prism is 60°.What is the angle of incident for minimum deviation if the refraction index of the material of the prism is √2
    (a) 45°       (b) 60°      (c) 90°      (d) 30°
    Answer: a
  17. An air bubble in water behaves as a
    (a) concave lens      (b) convex lens      (c) concave mirror      (d) convex mirror
    Answer: a
  18. Near and far point of the healthy human eye are:
    (a) 0 and 25cm      (b) 0 and ∞      (c) 25cm and 100cm      (d) 15cm and ∞
    Answer: c
  19. A person using a lens as a simple microscope sees on:
    (a) inverted, virtual image                                 (b) inverted,real and magnified
    (c) upright, virtual image                                   (d) upright, real magnified image
    Answer: d
  20. A body is projected horizontally with velocity 190 m/s from height 400m.What is time to reach the ground?
    (a) 5 sec          (b) 10 sec         (c) 15 sec         (d) 20 sec
    Answer: c
  21. Self inductance of solenoid is proportional to
    (a) 2       (b) 3        (c) 4       (d) 5
    Answer: b
  22. A wire of certain material is stretched slowly by 10%.It’s new resistance and specific resistance becomes respectively
    (a) 1.2 times,1.1 times       (b) 1.21 times, same      (c) both remain the same      (d) 1.1 times,1.3 times
    Answer: d
  23. The wavelength of light emitted in the vehicle region by He+ ions after collisions with H atoms is
    (a) 2       (b) 3       (c) 4       (d) 5
    Answer: b
  24. The ratio of kinetic energy of the n=2 electron from the H atom to that of He+ ions is
    (a) 1/4      (b) 1/2      (c) 1       (d) 2
    Answer: c
  25. When a ceiling fan is switched on,it makes 10 rotations in the first 4 seconds. How many rotations does it make in the next 4 sec? (Assuming uniform angular acceleration)
    (a) 10       (b) 20       (c) 30       (d) 40
    Answer: a
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