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Physics Entrance Examination Questions 2070 | BSc.CSIT | TU

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physics paper 2070Entrance Preparation Paper | BSc.CSIT
Physics Practice Questions with answers
Tribhuvan University (TU)

Practice physics portion of TU Entrance model questions of 2070. Answer is provided for every questions, so that you can evaluate yourself for preparation.

  1. The dimensional formula for potential difference is
    (a) [ML2T-3I-1]     (b) [ML2T-3I]     (c) [ML2T3I-1]     (d) [ML2T-2I-2]
    Answer: c
  2.  A stone is thrown vertically upward with a speed μ from the top of a tower reaches the ground with a speed of 3 μ. The height of the tower is……………
    (a) 3μ2/g     (b) 4μ2/g     (c) 6μ2/g     (d) 9μ2/g
    Answer: b
  3. The acceleration of a particle in SHM is………
    (a) Always zero                                             (b) always constant
    (c) Maximum at extreme position            (d) Maximum at the equilibrium position
    Answer: c
  4. An iron ball is heated. The percentage increase will be largest in………..
    (a) volume     (b) density     (c) diameter      (d) surface area
    Answer: a
  5. Two wires A and B are of the same material. Their lengths are in the ratio of 1:2 and diameters are in the ratio of 2:1. If they are pulled by the same force, their increase in length will be in the ratio.
    (a) 2 : 1      (b) 1 : 4     (c) 1 : 8     (d) 8 : 1
    Answer: b
  6. Water is flowing through a tube of non-uniform cross section. If the radius of the tube at the entrance and the exit is 3:2, then the ratio of velocity of liquid entering and leaving the tube is:
    (a) 8 : 27      (b) 4 : 9     (c) 9 : 4      (d) 1 : 1
    Answer: b
  7. The thermodynamic process in which the pressure of the system remains constant is called……………
    (a) isothermal     (b) adiabatic    (c) isochoric     (d) isobaric
    Answer: d
  8. 50 g of ice at -6°C is dropped into water at 0°C. how many grams of water freeze? Sp. Heat capacity of ice=2000JKg-1C-1.
    (a) 1.785 g     (b) 4.25 g     (c) 3.16 g      (d) 9.33 g
    Answer: a
  9. The image of an object placed at the focus of a concave mirror is at
    (a) f     (b) Infinity    (c) 2f      (d) f/2
    Answer: b
  10. The temperature of source and sink of cannot engine are 400K and 300K respectively. What is its efficiency?
    (a) 100%     (b) 75%     (c) 33.3%     (d) 25%
    Answer: d
  11. The refractive index of air with respect to glass is 2/3.The refractive index of diamond with respect to air is 12/5 Then the refractive index of glass with respect to diamond will be……
    (a) 5/8     (b) 8/9    (c) 5/18     (d) 18/5
    Answer: c
  12. The focal length of a double convex lens for which radius of curvature of each surface is R will be……..(μ = 1.5)
    (a) R/2     (b) R    (c) 2R     (d) 4R
    Answer: a
  13. Light of wave length 7200 Ȧ in air has a wave length in glass equal to……….(Given refractive index of glass with respect to air = 1.5).
    (a) 7200 Ȧ     (b) 4800 Ȧ    (c) 1080 Ȧ     (d) 10800 Ȧ
    Answer: b
  14. Three capacitors of capacitance 3μF, 9μF and 18μF are connected first in series and then I parallel. The ratio of C equivalent capacitance in two cases ( CI ⁄ CP ) will be
    (a) 1:15     (b) 15:1    (c) 1:1     (d) 1:3
    Answer: a
  15. Thee equal resistors each of resistance r are connected to form a triangle. The equivalent resistance across any two comes of the triangle is….
    (a) 2r     (b) r/3    (c) 2r/3      (d) 3r
    Answer: c
  16. The resistances of two lamps are in the ratio of 1:2. Their wattage will be in the ratio of
    (a) 1:2      (b) 2:1    (c) 4:1      (d) 1:4
    Answer: b
  17. The energy stored in a 50mH inductor carrying a current of 4A is……
    (a) 0.1 J      (b) 0.4 J     (c) 0.3 J       (d) 0.01 J
    Answer: b
  18. The alternating current in an LCR circuit is maximum when..
    (a) XL= 0      (b) XC = 0     (c) XL = XC      (d) √(XL2+XC2 ) = 0
    Answer: d
  19. A particle of mass 10-31 Kg is moving with a speed of 105m/s. The de Broglie wavelength of the particle is…..
    (a) 6.63 × 10−8 m      (b) 6.63 Ȧ     (c) 66.3 Ȧ       (d) 6.63 × 10−7 m
    Answer: a
  20. Two waves of the same wavelength and amplitude interfere to give a minimum when their phase difference is
    (a) π      (b) π/2    (c) 3π/2      (d) 0
    Answer: a
  21. Hard X-rays as compared to soft X-rays have
    (a) Higher intensity      (b) lower frequency     (c) Higher frequency      (d) higher speed
    Answer: c
  22. The mass of α-particle is
    a) Equal to the mass of four protons
    b) Equal to the mass of four neutrons
    c) Equal to the masses of 2 protons and 2 neutrons
    d) Less than the sum of masses of 2 protons and 2 neutrons
    Answer: d
  23. A common emitter transistor amplifier has a current gain of 50. If the load resistance is 4 KΩ and the input resistance is 500 Ω. The voltage gain of the amplifier is……….
    (a) 400      (b) 6.2     (c) 500      (d) 300
    Answer: a
  24. A tube closed at one end has a resonating length 1 meter. The air column in the pipe can resonate for sound of frequency…..(V = 320ms−1)
    (a) 166 Hz      (b) 249 Hz     (c) 575 Hz      (d) 80 Hz
    Answer: d
  25. A displacement wave is represented by y = 0.25 sin(500t − 0.0025x), where y, t and x are in cm, second and meter respectively. The wave length of wave is…….
    (a) 20π m       (b) 40π m     (c) 60π m     (d) 80π m
    Answer: d
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