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English Entrance Model Questions | Set IV | B.Sc.CSIT | TU

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english paper set IVEntrance Preparation Paper | B.Sc.CSIT
English Practice Questions with answers
Tribhuvan University (TU)

Practice English portion of TU Entrance model questions. Answer is provided for every questions, so that you can evaluate yourself for preparation.

  1. _____ was present at the party.
    a) All but she             b) All but herself             c) All but her            d) All but myself
    Answer: a
  2. Quinine is a drug ____ malaria.
    a) for               b) to              c) against              d) on
    Answer: a
  3. During rainy season, the Koshi was
    a) overflew                 b) overflown               c) overfly            d) overflying
    Answer: d
  4. He is as stubborn as a _____
    a) Child              b) Bull             c) Donkey           d) Mule
    Answer: a
  5. Once you signed ____ the paper, you cannot go back.
    a) by             b) in          c) with          d) out
    Answer: b
  6. The principal told the class____ without permission.
    a) Not to enter            b) Not to have entered         c) Not entering        d) Do not enter
    Answer: a
  7. I must go____ before the shops are closed.
    a) Shopping             b) To shop            c) To shopping          d) Shop
    Answer: a
  8. A horse neighs so as goats ___
    a) Howl            b) Roar             c) Bleat           d) Grunt
    Answer: c
  9. The teacher has authority ___ his students
    a) To           b) Over            c) With              d) For
    Answer: b
  10. This is the place ____ we lived in
    a) Where                  b) Which              c) When               d) How
    Answer: a
  11. They have gone shopping,____?
    a) Haven’t they              b) didn’t they               c) Had they              d) Have they
    Answer: a
  12. Only after meeting him,___ him well
    a) Did I know               b) Had I know               c) Had I known            d) I know
    Answer: a
  13. Which of the following is not a synonym of splendid
    a) Superb              b) Sordid              c) Excellent             d) Marvelous
    Answer: b
  14. Feminine of deer is
    a) Do              b) Doa              c) Doe             d) Dode
    Answer: c
  15.  ____ I open the present for you?
    a) Would              b) Must              c) Shall              d) Do
    Answer: c
  16. He is ___ man of high esteem
    a) an               b) a                c) some               d) none
    Answer: b
  17. He has a remarkable ____ for the arts.
    a) Talence                b) Talency               c) Talent            d) Talents
    Answer: c
  18. Snow is falling ____north of the mountains
    a) Into               b) Over              c) Off            d) Down
    Answer: b
  19. I don’t think he ___ come to the meeting tomorrow.
    a) Would             b) Shall             c) Used to          d) Might
    Answer: a
  20. He is ___one eyed man.
    a) the              b) a           c) an             d) none
    Answer: b
  21. The study of the mountains
    a) geology              b) geography               c) chromatics              d) orology
    Answer: b
  22. The opposite of the word pernicious is
    a) beneficial              b) advantageous              c) satisfactory           d) fair
    Answer: a
  23. Grandma is ____ the visit of her grand children.
    a) Looking forward               b) Looking into             c) Looking for         d) Looking forward to
    Answer: d
  24. Shyam has done this work and ____.
    a) So did I           b) So am I               c) So have I           d) So has I
    Answer: c
  25. He____ in plane crash
    a) Died                b) Has died            c) Have died            d) In dying
    Answer: a
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