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English Entrance Model Questions | Set II | B.Sc.CSIT | TU

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english paper set IIEntrance Preparation Paper | B.Sc.CSIT
English Practice Questions with answers
Tribhuvan University (TU)

Practice English portion of TU Entrance model questions. Answer is provided for every questions, so that you can evaluate yourself for preparation.

  1. The word ‘Moresque’ has primary stress on the ______ syllable
    a) 1st           b) 2nd            c) 3rd            d) none
    Answer: b
  2. Exacerbate is
    a) vex            b) embitter            c) exasperate            d) all of these
    Answer: c
  3. The antonym for ‘boisterous’ is
    a) justify           b) placid           c) descend            d) deny
    Answer: b
  4. Try to make ____ the meaning of this word
    a) out           b) at           c) in           d) on
    Answer: a
  5. She pinned him ____ the bed.
    a) on          b) to           c) at          d) in
    Answer: b
  6. A wise man profits _____ the mistakes of others.
    a) with           b) on           c) by           d) at
    Answer: c
  7. My _____ overlooks the garden.
    a) room           b) cabin           c) apartment           d) garden
    Answer: a
  8. She wants someone to help her. The correct passive voice is
    a) she wants herself to be helped                   b) she wants to be helped by someone
    c) she wants being helped by someone         d) she wants to be helped
    Answer: b
  9. I still recall ____ her in those days.
    a) to meet            b) meeting             c) to meeting             d) met
    Answer: b
  10. When he was class 10, he _____ football.
    a) was playing           b) played            c) playing            d) had played
    Answer: d
  11. They became obliged ____ our favour.
    a) take            b) to take           c) to taking            d) taking
    Answer: b
  12. Dick, along with his friends , _____ in the river.
    a) was sunk        b) was drowned         c) were sunk        d) were drowned
    Answer: b
  13. If she had left her home early, she______ here now.
    a) would have been       b) would be        c) may have reached        d) can be
    Answer: a
  14. One should do ____ duty sincerely if one is a human being.
    a) his          b) her            c) one’s              d) ones
    Answer: c
  15. The passive of “She let us go out” is
    a) we are let go out     b) we were let go out    c) we were let to go out     d) we were allowed to go out
    Answer: d
  16. Do you think this book is______?
    a) worth of reading        b) worthy reading        c) worth in reading           d) worth of seeing
    Answer: d
  17. Nothing but trees can be seen from my house , _______?
    a) cant’ they?           b) can they?         c) do they?          d) can it?
  18. Kareena and Kaeishma do not resemble _________ each other.
    a) to         b) from         c) with         d) no preposition
    Answer: c
  19. How many syllables does the word ‘headmaster’ have?
    a) 1         b) 2         c) 3           d) 4
    Answer: c
  20. The pair ______ has the same pronunciation.
    a) sun,son         b) set,seat         c) fool,full          d) hut,hat
    Answer: a
  21. It’s time we ____ our lunch.
    a) had        b) have         c) should have         d) will have
    Answer: c
  22. “Do as you are told” is a _________ sentence.
    a) simple          b) complex         c) compound         d) optative
    Answer: a
  23. The antonym of ‘latent’ is
    a) hidden         b) forbidding         c) obvious           d) artificial
    Answer: c
  24. If she had left her home early, she ______ here now.
    a) would have been          b) would be          c) may have reached          d) can be
    Answer: a
  25. ‘Is it going to rain?’ It’s incorrect answer is
    a) i don’t hope so          b) I hope not           c) I don’t suppose so           d) I suppose not
    Answer: b
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