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English Entrance Examination Questions 2072 | BSc.CSIT | TU

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english entrance questions 2072Entrance Preparation Paper | BSc.CSIT
English Practice Questions | 2072
Tribhuvan University (TU)

Practice english portion of TU Entrance model questions of 2072.

                                                         English                                             (25 × 1=25)

  1. Which of the following pair has the same vowel sound?
    a) pair, tear         b) hut, but         c) seat, sit         d) salt, mark
  2. The sentence ” I saw a black bird ” has a tone.
    a) rising       b) falling      c) fall-rise       d) fall-fall
  3. The word “joy” has the same initial consonant sound as the word
    a) zoo      b) gig       c) gesture       d) game
  4. How many syllables does the word “pleasurable” have?
    a) three        b) two       c) four         d) one
  5. One who knows everything is .
    a) omnipresent        b) omnipatent        c) fatalist         d) omniscient
  6. Select the right synonym to the word “aspiration”
    a) apathy         b) yearning        c) haughty        d) soothe
  7. Give the opposite meaning of “hypocrisy”.
    a) majority       b) jolly        c) sincerity        d) praise
  8. He died ……… neglect but she died ………… a train accident.
    a) through, in        b) in, through         c) of,of            d) of, in
  9. Who did you go………….. ?
    a) to          b) with          c) at           d) for
  10. Insert the missing vowel in these words : defin_te, po_gnant, exist_nce
    a) e-i-e           b) a-i-e          c) i-e-a          d) e-e-e
  11. The plane flew …………. my head.
    a) under         b) through        c) on        d) over
  12. You and …… I working.
    a) are       b) is        c) am        d) has
  13. Choose the correct meaning to the underlined expression. He has turned the table on his enemy.
    a) hit            b) joy          c) change the possible defeat into a victory          d) run
  14. Opposed to great or sudden change is called
    a) static        b) conservative         c) evolutionary         d) revolutionary
  15. Greed is terrible.
    a) sin        b) crime        c) vice        d) mistake
  16. The gun ……… by mistake.
    a) went off        b) gave off        c) gave out         d) hit on
  17. She has ………… down for ……… a rest.
    a) laid        b) lied        c) lay         d) lain
  18. The word “brother” takes the suffix .
    a) – ish        b) -ly         c) -some         d) -y
  19. The word “desirable” takes the -prefix.
    a) un-         b) mis-         c) dis-           d) non-
  20. English teacher makes her class interesting. It is
    a) Adjunct        b) Complement        c) Direct object         d) Indirect object
  21. Which is the correct expression?
    a) today afternoon                               b) this evening
    c) the backside of a building              d) a worth seeing sight
  22. She beckoned to enter the room. It means she
    a) told         b) said         c) signalled          d) advised
  23. The fear of blood is called .
    a) chirophobia         b) ergophobia           c) monomania          d) hematophobia
  24. He has ____friends because of his short temperament.
    a) few         b) a few          c) lot of           d) a lot of
  25. Which of the following is a passive sentence?
    a) I like people loving me.                                          b) I found him driving my car.
    c) I hate having my hair style criticised.                 d) I don’t mind people criticising my work.
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