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English Entrance Examination Questions 2070 | BSc.CSIT | TU

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english paper 2070Entrance Preparation Paper | BSc.CSIT
English Practice Questions with answers
Tribhuvan University (TU)

Practice english portion of TU Entrance model questions of 2070. Answer is provided for every questions, so that you can evaluate yourself for preparation.

  1. Inscription on a tomb is called……………..
    (a) Epitaph    (b) cemetery    (c) Morgue    (d) demagogue
    Answer: a
  2. After he finished the exam, he ………… to the teacher.
    (a) Handed over it    (b) handed it over    (c) handed it out    (d) handed out it
    Answer: b
  3. Every week she …………. her sister in her village to talk to her.
    (a) Calls over    (b) calls on    (c) calls out    (d) calls up
    Answer: c
  4. He has a coat ……………… five pockets.
    (a) of      (b) about      (c) with     (d) in
    Answer: c
  5. To hit below the belt means:
    (a) to use force    (b) to use unfair means     (c) to use energy    (d) to use leather
    Answer: b
  6. I disapprove ……..his cheating on the exam.
    (a) of     (b) at    (c) in     (d) off
    Answer: a
  7. The lights were…………….because the room was bright.
    (a) put off     (b) take off      (c) left off     (d) switched off
    Answer: d
  8. Which of the following is a noun?
    (a) thicken     (b) impoverish    (c) mercantile     (d) mercy
    Answer: d
  9. Which of the underlined word is an adjective?
    (a) Swimming is good for health.     (b) Students are walking on the lawn.
    (c) Many people like smoking.          (d) She is taking knitting classes.
    Answer: d
  10. Which of the following is an active voice?
    (a) This work will be finished.         (b) The suspect was seen.
    (c) I know him.                                   (d) The letter was posted.
    Answer: c
  11. The memoranda…………..approved
    (a) have been     (b) has been      (c) was      (d) is
    Answer: a
  12. Which of the following takes a singular verb?
    (a) police     (b) furniture     (c) families     (d) committees
    Answer: b
  13. Neither her nor they……….going to the college.
    (a) is      (b) are      (c) has      (d) was
    Answer: b
  14. Which expression is incorrect?
    (a) A pile of books     (b) A herd of cattle      (c) A herd of sheep     (d) A pack of wolve
    Answer: c
  15. They daren’t go…………?
    (a) did they     (b) do they    (c) hasn’t they     (d) dare they
    Answer: a
  16. I am hungry and ………………
    (a) She is too     (b) they are so     (c) so aren’t they     (d) they are too
    Answer: a
  17. Which word has the stress on the first syllable?
    (a) Likelihood (b) religious (c) fantastic (d) orthography
    Answer: a
  18. How many syllables does the word ‘economical’ have?
    (a) five     (b) four     (c) three    (d) six
    Answer: a
  19. The pair…….has the same pronunciation.
    (a) Pot, port     (b) so, sow     (c) pull, pool     (d) did, dead
    Answer: c
  20. The word ‘they’ has the same initial consonant bound as the word……….
    (a) Day     (b) date     (c) thief     (d) that
    Answer: d
  21. A professional horse rider is called
    (a) Jockey    (b) rider     (c) coach     (d) horse courser
    Answer: a
  22. Give the opposite meaning of “appropriate”.
    (a) Inevitable     (b) likely     (c) unsuitable     (d) suitable
    Answer: c
  23. Select the right synonym to the word ‘sporadic’.
    (a) Occasional     (b) frequently     (c) continuously     (d) never ending
    Answer: a
  24. Which of the following is incorrect punctuated?
    (a) The teacher said, ”Honesty is the best policy”.
    (b) He said to me,” When did she come to the party”?
    (c) The man received a gift, the women, a book.
    (d) The man, whom he met, had excellent speech skills
    Answer: c
  25. The word “father” takes the suffix:
    (a) ……is       (b) ……some      (c) ……ly      (d) ……y
    Answer: c
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