Chemistry Entrance Model Questions | Set IV | B.Sc.CSIT | TU

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chemistry paper set ivEntrance Preparation Paper | B.Sc.CSIT
Chemistry Practice Questions with answers
Tribhuvan University (TU)

Practice Chemistry portion of TU Entrance model questions. Answer is provided for every questions, so that you can evaluate yourself for preparation.

  1. Deliquescent salts can be used as
    a) Oxidizing agent           b) Cleansing agent           c) Drying agent          d) Antiseptic
    Answer: b
  2. In the ideal gas equation PV=nRT, the value of gas constant depend only on
    a) The pressure of the gas                             b) The units of measurement
    c) The nature of the gas                                 d) The volume of the gas
    Answer: b
  3. Equal weights of methane and hydrogen are mixed in an empty vessel at 25°C. The fraction of total pressure exerted by hydrogen is
    a) 1/2                 b) 1/3                   c) 1/9                 d) 8/9
    Answer: d
  4. Equivalent mass of a bivalent metal is 32.75 molecular mass of its chloride is
    a) 68.25              b) 103.75             c) 101.00              d) 136.50
    Answer: d
  5. Two electrons in an orbital are distinguished by the quantum number
    a) n                 b) l                c) m                d) s
    Answer: d
  6. The bond in HCl molecule in the vapor state is an example of
    a) Non polar bond              b) Polar covalent bond         c) Ionic bond           d) Pure covalent bond
    Answer: c
  7. Electron affinity is maximum in the case of
    a) Cl             b) F             c) B              d) N
    Answer: a
  8. Which of the following species can act both as an acid and as a base
    a) H3O+                b) HSO4–               c) HCO3–               d) Cl
    Answer: b
  9. In which of the following reaction is H2 acting as oxidizing agent?
    a) CuO+H2 →Cu+H2O           b) Ca+H2→CaH2             c) H2+Cl2→HCl          d) N2+3H2→2NH3
    Answer: b
  10. When 100 ml of 1M solution of H2SO4 and 20 ml of 5M NaOH are mixed, the resulting solution would be
    a) Acidic                 b) Weakly alkaline               c) Strongly alkaline            d) Neutral
    Answer: a
  11. Which pure substance will not conduct electricity?
    a) Liquefied HCl              b) Molten NaCl              c) Molten KOH            d) Liquid Na
    Answer: c
  12. The oxidation of SO2 by O2 to form SO3 is an exothermic reaction. Production of SO3 will be maximum
    a) If temperature is raised                                               b) If temperature is decreased
    c) If concentration of SO2 is decreased                        d) If concentration of O2 is decreased
    Answer: b
  13. The process which is catalyzed by one of the product is known as
    a) Acid catalysis           b) Positive catalysis          c) Anti-catalysis            d) Auto-catalysis
    Answer: d
  14. In electrolysis of CuSO4 solution between Pt-electrodes
    a) O2 is liberated at anode                                         b) H2 is liberated at cathode
    c) SO2 is liberated at anode                                       d) Cu++ is discharged at anode
    Answer: a
  15. Precipitation takes place when the ionic product is
    a) Zero           b) Unity            c) Less than solubility product           d) More than solubility product
    Answer: d
  16. Living in the atmosphere of Carbon monoxide is dangerous because it
    a) Combines with hemoglobin and makes it incapable to absorb O2
    b) Dries up blood
    c) Combines with oxygen present inside to form CO2
    d) Reduces organic matter of tissues
    Answer: a
  17. Yellow color of HNO3 is due to the presence of
    a) N2O             b) NO          c) NO2             d) N2O5
    Answer: d
  18. When SO2 is passed through acidified solution of H2S
    a) H2SO3 is formed              b) H2SO2 is formed         c) H2SO4 is formed          d) S is precipitated
    Answer: c
  19. The compound having highest boiling point
    a) HF             b) HCl            c) HBr               d) HI
    Answer: d
  20. Which of the following processes involves the smelting process?
    a) Al2O3.2H2O→Al2O3+2H2O                           b) ZnCO3→Zn+CO2
    c) 2PbS+O2→2PbO+2SO2                                            d) Fe2O3+3C→2Fe+3CO
    Answer: d
  21. In Down’s process for manufacture of metallic sodium a small amount of CaCl2 is added to
    a) Increase the electrical conductivity                          b) Lower melting point of NaCl
    c) Increase the temperature of electrolysis                 d) Stabilize the metallic sodium
    Answer: b
  22. Which of the following is malachite ore
    a) Cu2S               b) Cu2O             c) CuCO3              d) CuCO3.Cu(OH)2
    Answer: d
  23. Cosmetic powders and zinc ointments contain
    a) ZnO              b) ZnCO3               c) Zn(NO3)2              d) ZnSO4
    Answer: b
  24. Rusting of iron in moist air involves
    a) Loss of electrons by Fe      b) Gain of electrons by Fe    c) Dehydration of Fe      d) Hydration of Fe
    Answer: a
  25. Aromacity of benzene is due to
    a) Ring            b) Hyper conjugation           c) Three double bonds           d) Delocalization of electrons
    Answer: d
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