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BSc.CSIT | Physics Entrance Examination Questions 2073 With Answer | TU

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physics entrance questions 2073Entrance Preparation Paper | BSc.CSIT
Physics Practice Questions  with answers | 2073
Tribhuvan University (TU)

Now you can prepare online for the BSc.CSIT entrance examination. Here we present BSc.CSIT physics entrance examination questions 2073. Practice for the questions, pick the answer and make sure your answer is right or not. Answers are provided at the end of the paper.

Symbols carry their usual meaning:

  1. In the gas equation (p+a/v2)(v-b)= RT , the dimensions of ‘a’ are
    (a) ML2T-2         (b)ML5T-2             (c) L6                   (d) L-6
  2. The number of significant figures in 1400 are
    (a) 0                (b) 1                   (c) 2                   (d) 4
  3. A man walks 8m forwards East and 6m towards North. The magnitude of displacement is
    (a) 14m                 (b) 2m                         (c) 8m                      (d) (82+ 62 )m
  4. If initial velocity of a projectile is doubled, the maximum range will by
    (a) 2 times                    (b) 4 times                   (c) 8 times                 (d) 16 times
  5. Which of the following friction is maximum?
    (a) rolling                  (b) Kinetic                (c)rolling +kinetic                   (d)static
  6. If the speed of rotation of earth increases, the weight of the body on earth’s surface becomes.
    (a) smaller                (b) zero                      (c) greater                   (d) unaffected
  7. A weightless rubber balloon has 100 g of water in it. Its weight in water will be
    (a) 100g               (b) 50g                  (c) > 100g                   (d) zero
  8. The temperature of a substance increase by 270̊ C. This increase is equal to
    (a) 300 k                 (b) 0 K                   (c) 27K                      (d) 273K
  9. Which of the following gases possess maximum rans speed at a given temperature?
    (a)H2                          (b) N2                        (c) O2                     (d) He
  10. The black body emits
    (a) line spectrum          (b) band spectrum                (c) continuous spectrum            (d) mixed spectrum
  11. The field of view is maximum for
    (a) plane mirror               (b) concave mirror                  (c) convex spectrum              (d) cylindrical mirror
  12. Sky seen from earth appears blue because of
    (a) scattering of lights         (b) dispersion of lights               (c) reflection                (d) polarization
  13. A person cannot see objects clearly beyond 50 cm. The power of the lens to correct the vision is
    (a) +5 D                  (b) -5 D                 (c) -0.5 D                (d) -2 D
  14. An isolated conducting sphare is given a positive charge. Its mass
    (a) increases       (b) decreases    (c) remains constant       (d) may increase or decrease depending on material
  15. Three capacitors each of capacitance 3μ F are connected in series. The net capacitance is
    (a) 1 μ F                 (b)(1/3) μ F                 (c) 3 μ F                (d) 9 μ F
  16. Kirchoff’s voltage law is based on the principle of conservation of
    (a) charge               (b) energy                 (c) momentum                    (d) mass of charges
  17. A charged particle enters in a strong magnatic field. Then its kinetic energy
    (a)increases          (b) decreases        (c) remains constant                 (d) increases and becomes constant
  18. The self inductance of a straight wire is
    (a) zero                (b) ∞                (c) negative               (d) positive
  19. The photoelectric is based on the law of conservation of
    (a) energy               (b) mass               (c) momentum                  (d) angular momentum of photons
  20. When a radioactive element emits a β-particle the mass number of the atom
    (a) increase by one                (b) decreases by one            (c) remains the same                (d) decreases by four
  21. On increasing the reserve bias to a large value in a p-n junction diode, the current
    (a) increases slowely             (b) remains fixed               (c) decreases slowely               (d) suddenly increases
  22. The equation of sound wave is y = 0.0015 sin(62.4x + 316t) The wave length of sound wave is
    (a) 0.2 unit              (b) 0.1 unit          (c) 3.3 unit          (d) not known from the given equation
  23. A wave is reflected from a rigid support. The change of phase on reflection will be
    (a)0                     (b)π⁄2                      (c) π⁄4                     (d) π
  24. A car at rest is playing ‘HORN’ . If it start moving towards you, the pitch heard would be
    (a)higher                     (b)less                   (c)same                 (d) nil
  25. In which region of electromagnetic spectrum does the Lyman series of Hatom lie?
    (a) Ultravoilet              (b) visible               (c)infrared               (d) microwave

Answers : 1.b    2.d    3.d     4.b     5.d     6.a    7.d     8.a     9.d     10.c     11.c     12.a     13.d     14.b    15.a     16.b     17.c     18.a     19.a 20.d     21.d     22.b    23.d     24.a     25.a

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