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Category Archives: Sixth Semester

Introduction, task and attributes of System Analyst | Software Engineering

Types/Classes of Information Systems | Software engineering | BSc.CSIT 6th Semester

System engineering process with 7 phases | Software Engineering | BSc.CSIT 6th Sem

Emergent system properties – Functional & Non-functional Properties | Software Engineering

System – Introduction and Its features | Software Engineering | BSc.CSIT 6th sem

Software engineering and Key challenges facing software engineering | BSc.CSIT 6th sem

Difference between Software Process and Software Process Model | Software Engineering

Two types of products – Generic and Custom (Bespoke) products | Software Engineering

Software – Introduction and Its Characteristics | Software Engineering | BSc.CSIT 6th Sem

Net Centric Computing | BSc.CSIT Question Paper 2068(II) – 2073 | Sixth Semester

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