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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Chi Square Test – Uniformity test in Randomness | BSc.CSIT | Fifth Semester

The Kolmogorov Smirnov Test – Testing Uniformity in Randomness | BSc.CSIT | 5th Sem

Linear Congruential Method – Technique to generate random numbers | BSc.CSIT | 5th Sem

Properties of Good Random Number Generators | BSc.CSIT | Fifth Semester

Random Number and Pseudo Random Number | BSc.CSIT | Fifth Semester

Markov chain or process Applications | BSc.CSIT | Simulation and modeling | 5th Sem

Markov chains and Markov Process | BSc.CSIT | Simulation and Modeling | 5th Semester

Multi-server Queue and Single-server Queue | BSc.CSIT | Fifth Semester

Kendall Notation or (Queuing Notations) | BSc.CSIT | Fifth Semester

Elements or Characteristics of Queuing System | BSc.CSIT | Fifth Semester

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