Characteristics of Effective Control System – Introduction to Management

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Control SystemCharacteristics of Effective Control System
Principles of Management (POM)
Third Semester | Second year
BSc.CSIT | Tribhuvan University (TU)

Characteristics of Effective Control System
Controlling system is necessary in all types of organizations. But a good control system should ensure achievement of every objective of the organization. Some of the major features of good controlling systems are:

Integration with planning: Control should be linked with planning. The more explicit and precise this linkage, the more effective the control system. The best way to integrate planning and control is to account for control as plans develop.
Flexibility: The control system itself must be flexible enough to accommodate changes in the environment. It should consider situational variable. They can be size, activity, decentralization and organizational climate.
Accuracy: Control is based on feedback of performance information. The information system should provide accurate feedback.
Timeliness: To manage work standards, the control measures should be taken at the right times, depending on their purposes at any particular time.
Objectively: The control system should provide reliable information. It should not be based on guesses. it should be reasonable and attainable.
Economy: The control system should be economic to operate. Costs should justify benefits.
User-friendly: The control system should be understandable by the users. It should be simple and acceptable by users.
Strategic focus: The control system should focus on key performance points or key results areas. It should not aim to control everything.
Corrective actions: The essence of control should be corrective. Timely correction is an important.
Review: Control systems should be reviewed periodically to keep them relevant and effective.

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