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C++ character setC++ Character Set and White Spaces Characters
Object Oriented Programming(OOP)
Third Semester | Second year
BSc.CSIT | Tribhuvan University (TU)

C++ Character set
Character set is a set of valid characters that a language can recognize. The character set of C++ is consisting of letters, digits, and special characters. The C++ has the following character set:

Letters (Alphabets) A——Z, a——z
Digits 0——-9
Special Characters +,-,*,/,^,\,(),[],{},=,!,<>,’,”,$,;,:,%,&,?,_,#,<=,>=,@

There are 62 letters and digits character set in C++ (26 Capital letters + 26 Small letters + 10 Digits) as shown above. Further, C++ is a case sensitive language, i.e; the letter A and a, are distinct in C++ object oriented programming language. There are 29 punctuation and special character set in C++ and is used for various purposes during programming.

White Spaces Characters:
A character that is used to produce blank space when printed in C++ is called white space character. These are spaces, tabs, new-lines, and comments.

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