International Marketing – Syllabus | Fifth Semester | BSc.CSIT (TU)

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international marketing syllabusCourse Syllabus | BSc.CSIT
International Marketing
Fifth Semester | Third Year
Tribhuvan University (TU)

Course Title: International Marketing
Course no: MGT-310
Credit hours: 3
Full Marks: 90+10 | Pass Marks: 36+4
Nature of course: Theory (3 Hrs.)
Course Synopsis: Introduction to global marketing environment and related issues.
Goal: This course helps developing understanding of important international marketing terms and concepts and the students ability to think and communicate in creative, innovative and constructive ways about the concepts within international marketing.

Course Contents

Unit 1. Introduction to Global Marketing [4 Hrs.]
Marketing concept, Concept and importance of global marketing, Forces affecting global marketing

Unit 2. Global Economic Environment [4 Hrs.]
Economic system – Market allocation, command allocation and mixed system, Market development stages, Marketing and economic development, Trade patterns – Merchandise and services trades, International trade alliances, World Trade Organization (WTO), Regional trade group/agreements

Unit 3. Social–Cultural Environment and Global Marketing [4 Hrs.]
Basic understanding of society and culture, Impact of social and cultural environment in marketing industrial and consumer product

Unit 4 Political and Legal Environment of Global Marketing [4 Hrs.]
Political environment – Nation state and sovereignty, political risk, taxes dilution of equity control and expropriation, Legal environment – International law, intellectual property, antitrust, bribery and corruption and dispute settlement

Unit 5. Global Information System and Marketing Research [3 Hrs.]
Sources of market information, Marketing research

Unit 6. Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning [4 Hrs.]
Market segmentation, Global targeting, Global product positioning

Unit 7. Global Marketing Strategy [3 Hrs.]
Sourcing: Exporting and importing, Market expansion strategies

Unit 8. Product and Pricing Decisions [5 Hrs.]
Basic concepts of products, Product positioning and product design considerations, Basic concepts of pricing, Environmental influence on pricing decisions, Global pricing objectives and strategies

Unit 9. Global Channel and Logistics [4 Hrs.]
Basic concepts of global marketing channels, Basic concepts of physical distribution and logistics

Unit 10. Global Advertising and E-Marketing [4 Hrs.]
Global advertising and branding, Basic concepts of e. marketing

Unit 11. Management of Global Marketing [4 Hrs.]

Textbooks: Keegan, Warren J., Global Marketing Management, PrenticeHall of India, New Delhi, 2003, ISBN: 81-203-2066-2

References: Cateora, Philip R. and Graham, John L., International Marketing, Burr Ridge, Illinois: McGraw-Hill Publishers, 2005 ISBN: 0-07-283371-8

Assignments: Home works shall be given to the students with emphasis on small cases.

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