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net centric computing syllabusCourse Syllabus | BSc.CSIT
Net Centric Computing
Sixth Semester | Third Year
Tribhuvan University (TU)

Course Title: Net Centric Computing
Course no: Csc-360
Credit hours: 3
Full Marks: 70+10+20 | Pass Marks: 28+4+8
Nature of course: Theory (3 Hrs.) + Lab (3 Hrs.)
Course Synopsis: This course explores the concepts of developing web technology.
Goal: To provide the knowledge of Web Centric Computing Using Active Server programming.

Course Contents:

Unit 1. Introduction [4 Hrs.]
Behind the scenes: Introduction, benefit and application of ASP; Introduction to IIS: Features, properties and application of IIS and MMC, Virtual directory properties; ASP requirements: Need for ASP, Scripting capabilities, Recognizing individuals, Database access, State maintenance, ASP extensibility.

Unit 2. Intrinsic ASP Objects [6 Hrs.]
The response object: ASP objects, Sending text with the response object and embedded quotes, Using variables, Other response; The request object; The application and server objects: Threads, Application variables and use, The server object, Limitation of application variables; The session object.

Unit 3. Writing Server-Side Code [8 Hrs.]
Coding using VBScript and JScript, The scripting dictionary object, File access with ASP, Debugging ASP and error-handling.

Unit 4. Using Components [5 Hrs.]
The browser capabilities component: Difference between browser, Components properties/methods, working and capabilities; Other ASP components; Sending and receiving E-mail with ASP.

Unit 5. Accessing Databases with ASP and ADO [7 Hrs.]
Introduction to relational databases and SQL, Introduction to ADO, Accessing data with ADO, Controlling transactions in ASP.

Unit 6. ASP Applications [7 Hrs.]
Introduction to ASP applications, State maintenance in ASP applications, Controlling access and monitoring, Planning application, Develop a sample project using ASP.

Unit 7. Advanced ASP [8 Hrs.]
Client-side scripting, Building own components, Automating active server pages, Efficiency and scalability.

Laboratory works: Exercises covering all features of above.
Text / Reference Book: Active Server Pages 3, a Russell Jones, BPB Publications, New Delhi, 2003.

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