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milestonesMilestones and Deliverables in project management,
Software Engineering Notes | Sixth Semester,
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Milestones and Deliverables:
Milestones are tools used in project management to mark specific points along a project timeline. Activities in a project should be organized to produce tangible outputs for management to judge progress. Milestones are the end-point of a process activity. A project milestone is a predictable state where a formal report of progress is presented to management.

Deliverables are project results delivered to customers. It is usually delivered at the end of some major phase such as specification or design. Deliverables are usually milestones, but milestones need not be deliverables. Milestones may be internal project results that are used by the project manager to check project delivered to the customer.

The waterfall process allows for the straightforward definition of progress milestones. To establish milestones, the software process must be broken down into basis activities with associated outputs. The figure below shows possible activities involved in requirement specification when prototyping is used to help validate requirements. The milestones in this case are completion of the outputs for each activity. The project deliverables, which are delivered to the customer, are the requirements definition and the requirements specification.

In many instances, milestones do not impact project duration. Instead, they focus on major progress points that must be reached to achieve success. Milestones can add significant value to project scheduling. When combined with a scheduling methodology such as Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT), milestones allow project managers to much more accurately determine whether or not the project is on schedule.

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