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project work syllabusCourse Syllabus | BSc.CSIT
Project Work
Seventh Semester | Fourth Year
Tribhuvan University (TU)

Course Title: Project Work
Course no: CSC-404
Credit hours: 3
Full Marks: 100 | Pass Marks: 40
Nature of course: Project
Course Synopsis: This course introduces students to the practical environment. Special focus will be given in enabling students with the skills pertaining to the analysis, design, and development, installation, testing and servicing a corporate organization. The course has a practical approach to building real application.
Goal: To develop the skills associated with analysis design and development of meaningful and efficient real world application

Course Contents:
1. Problem Identification
2. Problem Specification
3. Analysis and design
4. System Development
5. Installation and Testing
6. System Maintenance
The content of this course is divided into six different phases; the students will first involve themselves in identifying a problem that needs to be addressed. Such problem needs to be specified precisely and several solutions need to be prescribed, out if which the most viable will be selected. The selected proposed solution now has to be analyzed properly and design. This might involve the use of tools depending upon the nature of the problem and environment.

Text Books: None
Prerequisite: Depending upon types of project Evaluation Criteria of Project Work.

  • Analysis and design
  • Presentation skill
  • Questions Answer
  • Scope of Work / Future Implementation of Project
  • Overall documentation of project work

Evaluation of Project Work:
Internal Evaluation (At the mid of project work by supervisor, HOD/coordinator) Final Evaluation with External (At the end of the project by External, Internal and Supervisor).

Marks Allocation
Supervisor 60
Internal 20
External 20
Total 100

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